returning customer

I first went to Loves on a works night out about 18 months ago, we ate oodles of tapas and they had an extremely pleasant duo playing live acoustic music, the place was beautifully lit with candles and fairy lights and my memory of the evening was great. Quite a booze fuelled night and by the end we were all singing along (badly).

Since then I’ve made a point of eating there every time I visit Weston (about once every couple of months). They seem to have 3-4 specials available every time I go (which satisfies me – a menu too big in a place so cosy always puts my stomach on edge) as well as the very well thought out menu.

The staff are helpful, intelligent and rather attractive from what I remember. Not your usual “Whaddayawan?” stereotypical cafe staff.

All in all a great place. Day or night, I really enjoy Loves and will always recommend it to my friends, colleagues and golfing buddies if they are heading down to the seaside.

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