hearty porridge £4.00 freshly made porridge, topped with banana, honey and cinnamon (a choice of semi skimmed, skimmed or soya milk avaliable).

“on toast” £5.00 to be served on hand cut granary, white or gluten free toast, choose two of the following options. free range poached eggs, homemade baked beans, pan-fried mushrooms and spinach, avocado or grilled halloumi. extra servings £1.00

the pig huggers £7.50 homemade vegetable sausage, grilled halloumi, two poached free range eggs, homemade baked beans, pan fried mushrooms with spinach and hand cut toast.

frazzled eggs £6.00 two free range poached eggs on toast, topped with wilted spinach and halloumi.

pan fried bubble & squeak £7.00 A tasty spin on bubble and squeak, paired with two free range poached eggs.

burgers, wraps & sandwiches

no beef burger £7.50 quarter pounder spicy bean burger, available with or without cheddar. optional toppings of avocado, halloumi and mushrooms available for an additional £1 each.

falafel wrap £6.00 spicy falafel, served with fresh mixed leaf salad and a tahini dressing. available with or without feta cheese and mayonnaise.

sandwiches £6.00 each

  • mushroom, pesto and emmental cheese.

all sandwiches are available toasted, on white, granary or gluten free bread.

lunch, salads, & sides

super veg stew £8.00  a wholesome and healthy chickpea, tomato and spinach stew, served with steamed rice.

carbonara £8.00 spaghetti carbonara made with mushroom, parmesan and cracked black pepper

aromatic thai curry £8.00 butternut squash, sweet potato and coconut thai curry, served with steamed rice.

salads £7.00 each

  • Grilled halloumi, with fresh mixed leaf salad, tomatoes, toasted seeds and a homemade lemon oil vinaigrette.
  • Feta and avocado, with fresh mixed leaf salad, black olives, grated carrot and lemon and olive vinaigrette.

sides £2.50 each

  • garlic bread
  • triple cooked fries
  • sweet potato fries
  • loves salad

cakes & desserts please ask a member of staff or see the specials board for our cake and dessert options.


hot drinks

english breakfast tea £2.00
loose leaf herbal tea £2.00
single espresso £1.50
black americano £2.00
flat white £2.50
latte £2.25
cappuccino £2.25
mocha £2.50
hot chocolate £2.50
hot chocolate deluxe £3.00

soft drinks

coke, diet coke or lemonade £1.65
apple, orange or cranberry juice £2.00
san pellegrino sparkling lemon or orange £2.25


chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter jelly £2.75

bar drinks & cocktails

red, rosé or white 175ml £4.50 bottle £15.95

bottled beers & ales £3.80

Ask our staff about this months selection of our current bar drinks.

dark & stormy £7.00 a large measure of spiced rum, ginger beer, fresh lime & angostura bitters.

gin garden £7.00 a large measure of gin, elder ower, apple juice, fresh rosemary & thyme.

jungle juice £7.00 spiced rum, coconut rum, tropical juice, angostura bitters & nutmeg.

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