Loves Brunch

Bloody Mary £6
A double shot of vodka, tomato juice, fresh chilli and a blend of spices (VG/GF)

Sourdough toasts with smashed avocado/beet hummus £4 (VG)

Bubble and squeak bites with homemade Bombay ketchup £4 (VG/GF)

Somerset Rarebit £5
Posh cheese on toast, made with thatchers cider, vintage cheddar and a hint of mustard

Tofu bap £6
Pan fried marmite and maple syrup tofu, piled high with mushrooms, spinach, avocado and our homemade Bombay ketchup

Veggie Keggie £8
Our vegetarian spin on kedgeree – pea and red pepper rice topped with lemony spinach, halloumi and poached eggs/pan fried maple and marmite tofu and avocado as a vegan alternative (V/VG/GF)

Frazzled eggs £7
Poached free range eggs, lemony spinach and grilled halloumi on toasted sourdough/pan fried maple and marmite tofu and avocado as a vegan alternative (V/VG)

Tree Huggers Breakfast £8.50
Our delicious and hearty full vegan breakfast – bubble and squeak, homemade smokey beans, pan fried mushrooms and spinach, scrambled tofu, smashed avocado and grilled sourdough (VG)

Pig Huggers Breakfast £8.50
Bubble and squeak, homemade smokey beans, pan fried mushrooms and spinach, grilled halloumi, free range poached eggs and grilled sourdough (V)

On Toast £5
Choose from any two of the following atop buttery toasted sourdough:
Scrambled tofu, mushrooms, spinach, bubble and squeak, homemade smokey beans, smashed avocado, halloumi, or poached eggs (V/VG)

Loves Lunch

Buddha Bowls £8.50 (VG)
A wholesome bowl of grains, pulses and salads topped with your choice of pan-fried marmite and maple tofu, grilled halloumi or falafel

Jackfruit Junk Burger £7.50 (VG)
Pulled BBQ jackfruit with a fried potato rosti, melting cheese and Bombay ketchup (VG)

Black Bean Burger £7.50 (VG)
Black bean patty topped with smashed avocado and beet hummus (+potato rosti £1) (VG)

Falafel and Beet Hummus Flatbread Wrap £6.50 (VG)

Roast Mediterranean Veg and Halloumi Flatbread Wrap £6.50 (V)

Ask about our daily sides!

Everything in our kitchen is made fresh on the day and is made base vegan. Unless it clearly comes with eggs or cheese (which can be left off or substituted – just ask!) your meal is prepared totally vegan-friendly.

Please let your server know if you have any additional dietary requirements. We do stock gluten-free bread from our local baker at limited availability, but we can serve anything naked, with rice or with salad instead. Just ask!

If you suffer from a severe gluten or nut intolerance we cannot guarantee absolute isolation between ingredients to avoid cross-contamination due to the size of our kitchen e.g. we only have space for one fryer which we use for products coated in flour, but we will make sure it is not an ingredient used in your meal. Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions.


hot drinks

Flat white £2.40
Latte £2.40
Cappuccino £2.50
Mocha £2.50
Americano £2.30
Espresso/Double Espresso £1.60/£2
Hot Chocolate/Deluxe £2.60/£3.20
Tea £2

Affogato/with rum £4/£6 (VG)
Locally made soft drinks £2.50
Fruit juices £2
Korev Cornish lager £2/£4
Thatchers £2/£4
Rum, vodka, gin, whiskey £4/£6
Pinot noir/Sauvignon blanc/rosé £5/£19
Prosecco £22

We stock oat, almond & soya milk as dairy alternatives at no extra cost!

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