Middle Eat//Small Plates// Friday July 23rd



Plant-based Middle Eastern Inspired Small Plates. 

Join us for a take-away on Friday July 23rd! PLEASE SEE MENU BELOW!

We are delivering this very tasty menu to your doors, between 6-9 this Friday night. Our delivery radius reaches to uphill, and covers Weston, Milton and Worle.

Order online, and we will contact you on Friday morning to confirm your 1 hour delivery slot.

The food arrives hot and ready to eat.

Price is £30 per couple and includes all items on the menu!
(Contact us if you’d like the menu for 1 person)

NB This is a new menu and photographs shown are examples of past menus

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‘MIDDLE EAT’ Middle Eastern Plant Based Supper
Small plates menu

£30 for 2 persons

(get in touch if you’d like the menu for 1)


Stuffed Onions

(Slow cooked, sharp and sweet)

Batata Harra

(A menu favourite, Lebanese spicy and aromatic potato)

Turkish everyday Beans

(White beans, olive oil, vegetables and herbs)

Barley Risotto with marinated feta 

(An aromatic relative of the Italian great)


(A mumbo Jumbo aubergine and salad toast with zhoug and tahini)

+Flat bread and hummus




We are a very small team and deliver the food ourselves. To keep costs down, and for the personal customer service we do not use an outside delivery company.

We collate our orders once they are all in, and then route plan based on time and fuel efficiency.

We cannot promise you a set delivery time, but will give you a 1 hour time slot between 6-9.

Food will arrive hot and in containers which can be put in the oven if you do need to keep warm.

Quite often our customers ask us for a specific delivery time. We wish we could accommodate everyone, but we cannot hold up our food service for individual requests. And we’re sorry.

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