Middle Eat :: March 1st :: Delivery


Middle Eat – Take Away

Friday March 1st

Eco-bike delivery to Weston Town Centre, Milton, Southward and Hillside From 1800-2000

Collection Available on prior arrangement

£30 per 2 persons

£5 from each order is going to World Central Kitchen “Feeding families impacted by the conflict in the Middle East”. 




Full Medames Cooked fava beans served with olive oil and cumin (Gluten Free)

Tabbouleh Bulgar, parsley, with tomatoes, mint, onion, olive oil, lemon juice, salt (Wheat)

Tomato Bulgar Pilaf A classic Lebanese dish that is wholesome and hearty. (Wheat)

Baba Ganoush 

Aubergine, mixed with tahini and the classic garlic, lemon, olive oil, which are the basic ingredients of Middle Eastern cuisine. (Sesame)

Batata Harra

literally “spicy potatoes”, zesty, garlicky deliciousness (Gluten Free)

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We are a very small team and deliver the food ourselves. To keep costs down, and for the personal customer service we do not use an outside delivery company.

We collate our orders once they are all in, and then route plan based on time efficiency.

We cannot promise you a set delivery time, but will give you a 1 hour time slot between 6-8.

Food will arrive hot and in containers which can be put in the oven if you do need to keep warm.

Quite often our customers ask us for a specific delivery time. We wish we could accommodate everyone, but we cannot hold up our food service for individual requests. And we’re sorry.

Event Details

Date: March 1, 2024

Start time: 18:00

End time: 20:00

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