‘Middle Eat’ Small Plates Menu


This Friday night we are offering a Middle Eastern Small Plates Menu!

Priced at £25 for 2.
(If you require food for 1 please get in touch 01934 645672)

The full menu is plant based.

Available for collection from Loves Café, or if you are in our delivery radius we will drop off on our electric bike. If you are a collection customer, please buy online and we will give you a call to arrange pick up.


Drop off times:

6-7 Town Centre, Seafront, Hillside

7-8 Bourneville, Oldmixon, Southward, Uphill

8-9  Milton,  Ashcombe, Locking Road


Out of stock




Za’atar Roasted Cauliflower with lemon hummus and sunflower seeds (gf/ve)

Black Lime ‘Chicken’ Skewers with Tabbouleh and Zhoug Sauce (ve)

‘Rummaniyeh’- Aubergine and lentil stew with pomegranate and herbs (gf/ve)

Giant pearl cous cous salad with black cumin, dates and ‘feta’ (ve)

‘Batata Harra’-Spicy potatoes (gf/ve)

Orange semolina cake with pistachios and rose petals (gf/ve)

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