Loves Tapas at Home // Friday February 5th


(picture shown is of a previous menu and this weeks will differ in content)

Well you can’t come to us at the moment so we’re coming to you!

Order our classic tapas menu straight to your door this Friday night.

Priced at £28 for 2 to include dessert. If you require a menu for 1 please email

Sangria can be added for £13.50 a bottle


2 persons for £28 to include all of the below dishes delivered ready to eat.

Tempeh ‘meatballs’ in a bravas sauce

Roast pumpkin, saffron and lemon rice

‘Ham’ and mushroom croquettes

Tomato tostada with Bath culture house chease crumbles, seeds and herbs

Spanish lentils with ‘chorizo’

Baked Vanilla and Orange Cheesecake


The full menu is entirely plant based

contains: cashews, soy, gluten

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We deliver across Weston. If you live in Uphill to St George’s you’re in our radius!

Place your order and we will give you a call on Friday Morning to let you know what time between 6-9 we will be dropping off.


We are a very small team and deliver the food ourselves. To keep costs down, and for the personal customer service we do not use an outside delivery company.

We collate our orders once they are all in, and then route plan based on time and fuel efficiency.

We cannot promise you a set delivery time, but will give you a 1 hour time slot between 6-9.Food will arrive hot and in containers which can be put in the oven if you do need to keep warm.

Quite often our customers ask us for a specific delivery time. We wish we could accommodate everyone, but we cannot hold up our evenings timetable for individual requests. And we’re sorry.

If you need to have a set time, so it works better for your evening then please call us on 01934 645672 and we can arrange a socially distanced collection for you from the shop. Pick ups are between 7-7.30. We also offer this for people outside of our delivery routes.

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Tapas for 2

Tapas for 2

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